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Rachel Stevenson Featured Image

Rachel Stevenson

Rachel Stevenson is not a nurse by profession. But she is inspired by the selfless and tireless work of nurses as she works on Capitol Hill as a fierce advocate for the federal support nursing schools require to maintain a robust pipeline of nurses sorely needed to treat an ailing, aging America. Stevenson earned a […]

Jacqueline Hackett Featured Image

Jacqueline Hackett

Since eighth grade, Jacqueline Hackett knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. In fact, by her senior year in a suburban Philadelphia high school in 2004, Hackett was already more grown up than many of the adults in her life. She was a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Educator) mentor for elementary school […]

Randy Erwin Featured Image

Randy Erwin

As Congress and President Joe Biden have struggled over the last three years to recruit and retain federal wildland firefighters at a time when their vital services are increasingly in demand, union leader Randy Erwin has represented the workers at the bargaining table and in the media. As president of the National Federation of Federal […]

Dr. Jennifer Lee Featured Image

Dr. Jennifer Lee

When Jennifer Lee completed her undergraduate studies in molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale University in 1998, she assumed her next career steps were obvious: complete medical school and start practicing medicine. But a passion for policy emerged during emergency room shifts in medical school and grew during her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital as […]

Dr. Anand Parekh Featured Image

Dr. Anand Parekh

Anand Parekh was nearly finished with his internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2005 when he faced a dilemma. While his colleagues were zeroing in on the specialties that would define their careers—cardiology, pulmonology, oncology—Parekh remained ambivalent about pursuing that traditional trajectory. Parekh—who earned a BA in political science, a Master’s of Public Health, […]

Laura Friedel Featured Image

Laura Friedel

As the daughter of a U.S. Army officer father, Laura Friedel spent most of her youth bouncing from state to state and post to post before the family settled in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., in the 1990s.  In a region where military affairs, national politics, and federal policy are the ingredients of […]

Louis Burns Featured Image

Louis Burns

Louis Burns came to Johns Hopkins University in 2018 to pursue a degree in international relations because of the school’s proximity to where he wanted to work: the nation’s capital. He got his wish, but not exactly as he envisioned. The Columbus, Ohio, native started his first Washington, D.C. internship on Capitol Hill on Feb. […]

Nabiha Syed Featured Image

Nabiha Syed

As CEO of a new investigative journalism nonprofit called The Markup, Nabiha Syed occupies a prominent position on the front lines of one of Washington’s biggest policy concerns: Big Tech. The award-winning online news outlet’s motto—popular these days in Washington policymaking circles—is: “Big Tech Is Watching You. We Are Watching Big Tech.” Syed, 37, has already proven the […]

Dr. Atul Grover Featured Image

Dr. Atul Grover

ATUL GROVER ADVOCATES FOR HEALTH POLICY SOLUTIONSWhen the Association of American Medical Colleges launched its Research and Action Institute in 2020, the national organization tapped one of its veteran executives, Atul Grover, to helm what he calls a “think—and do—tank.” The institute works to redefine intractable health policy issues that have been clouded by political propaganda and highlight meaningful and […]