Tips for Congressional Testimony

Dozens of Johns Hopkins experts are invited to testify before Congress every year. Congressional hearings are the principal method by which committees gather information from leading experts to guide their decision-making. There are many types of hearings, and many committees adopt their own procedural rules, but they all share some common elements of preparation and format.

If you have been invited to provide testimony, we are here to help. Don’t go it alone when you have our decades of experience at your disposal. Please contact our office at

What you can expect:

  • Tips on drafting an effective, informative, and compelling witness statement
  • A lobbyist liaison to support your interactions with committee staff and help you understand the goals of the hearing
  • The latest on the political landscape and committee format, rules and culture
  • Templates for written testimony and practice/feedback on oral remarks and Q&A
  • Techniques for attracting and managing media attention
  • Logistics advice for virtual and in-person testimony, including travel, layout of the hearing room, testing of the video platform, assurance of an appropriate and professional background, etc.
  • Post-hearing activities including questions for the record and review of the hearing transcript, if applicable.