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For Faculty and Staff: Disclose Your Advocacy

Federal policymakers in Congress, the White House, and regulatory agencies routinely rely on the expertise of researchers, clinicians and scientists at Johns Hopkins University and Medicine. This vital contribution to federal deliberations is encouraged and must be reported.

We ask that you complete this simple survey to share some basic information about your contacts each quarter (ending in March, June, September, and December). This information is one small component of the institution’s lobbying disclosure report; neither your name nor your individual contacts will appear in the final submission. The information you provide is viewed by the Federal Strategy team alone.

Don’t sweat it – You do not need to determine whether the contact “counts” as lobbying. “Lobbying” is a term of art that means different things in different contexts (state and federal laws vary widely), and the practice of lobbying is governed by different rules depending on the official with whom you meet; legislative and executive branch contacts are treated differently.

Lobbying disclosure laws do not restrict or prohibit lobbying, but reporting is required. By completing the form, you will meet your reporting obligations. If further clarification is needed, we will follow up with you directly with any questions.

Common questions:

For more information, email fedaffairs@jhu.edu.

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