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State and Local Affairs

Maria Tildon
Vice President

The office of State and Local Affairs works to build and strengthen Johns Hopkinsā€˜ relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, policymakers, business and community leaders, and neighborhood residents, whose interest and support are vital to the mission of Johns Hopkins.

Economic Development and Community Partnerships

The mission of the Johns Hopkins Office of Economic Development and Community Partnerships is to empower individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and businesses to reach peak economic health through state and local investments in employment, education and training, and to address public health, safety, and community revitalization in sustainable and innovative ways.

Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Lainie Rutkow
Vice Provost

The Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives has programmatic and operational oversight of the university’s national engagement strategy and the new building in Washington, D.C. at 555 Pennsylvania Ave.; building out and strengthening the university’s policy footprint in the nation’s capital; and coordinating and supporting emerging One University initiatives across the schools and centers.

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